It Is Not Difficult To Do The Work Well, But How To Simplify The Work Is The Most Difficult!!

Whether you are the boss, HR, Sales, Account, Production, customer service, etc., I believe you have faced various problems, such as: time is not enough, you have to follow up all the time, or even eat “dead cats”, etc…

How to simplify your work?

Work Simplification ↔️ Work Digitally

  • Paperwork ➡️ Paperless
  • Form ➡️ E-form
  • Manual Follow Up ➡️ System Follow Up
  • Wait Update ➡️ Real-time Update

One-Click to make the Process More Transparent

Why Is Digitalization Important?

The world has undergone tremendous changes in the past 2020, and the epidemic has also brought great challenges. Among all the uncertainties, one thing is certain, that is, the trend of digital transformation has not changed. In the past, digital transformation only allowed some companies to conduct their business better, but now digital transformation has become the key to business survival. Also, because we are in an environment of all uncertainties, Industry digital transformation is now our most certain huge opportunity.

“In the past, Digital Transformation only helped some companies do business better.

Nowadays, Digitalization has become the key to the survival of the company. “

Alibaba founder ~ Jack Ma in 2020


We are here to help your businesses implement DigitALISATION to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Maximize profits
  • Reduce wasted time
  • Modernize workflows through automation
  • Optimize customer experience

We Provide One-stop Digital Transformation Services

Industrial Digital Project

You will get information about the digital technology used by the Industrial Digital Project (IDP).

An Accredited Training Organization Under The Human Resources Development Fund (HRDC)

We will help you understand how your business is digitized and provide professional training services for your company.


  • Our Industry Digital Plan is suitable for All SMEs Companies.
  • We are a Certified training organization under the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDC). You can use your HRDF for training.
  • The App is Totally Free and downloadable in Android, IOS, Mac and Windows.

Technology that is only accessible through digitization.

“When digital transformation is done right, it’s like a caterpillar turning into a BUTTERFLY, but when done wrong, all you have is a really FAST CATERPILLAR.”

We are the Team that reached the semifinals of the Alibaba Global War of the Gods Maker Contest 2019

Worldwide Cloud Services Partner
Create @ Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest

Our Subsidiary

We are the certified HRDC Training Provider since 2020


The ONLY difference between TRADITIONAL & FUTURE industries




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