Low-code Yida

Yida is a zero-code development platform that comes fully featured with a graphical interface to create application software. It can edit and configure webpages, forms, and processes by dragging and dropping components, and release applications to the computer or phone in just one click. So far, the Yida platform has been used to develop applications for over 1,000 enterprises spanning the new retail, hospitality, manufacturing, medical care, energy, and education industries.

Yida provides a set of professional and advanced features that allow you to extend and customize features for applications to the utmost extent. The operations required for developing complex enterprise business systems, including that for building field-related data models, performing logic and service orchestration, or designing professional UIs can all be implemented on the integrated low-code development platform provided by Yida. With Yida, all data models, business processes, and logic are aggregated and visualized on one platform.

Yida, a low-code development platform to make work easier

Yida provides both the zero-code application develop service and developer-oriented low-code development service. By integrating professional hierarchical architecture development operations into one platform, Yida provides users with a complete interactive experience and end-to-end solution. This is what sets Yida apart from other low-code development platforms.

Above is the data model of Yida.

Forms, processes, reports, and other features provided by Yida can be integrated on the intelligent development platform SmartStudio of Yida with a single click. The data model builder enables users to define forms and build business data models. Following this, the graphical user interface designer enables professional frontend personnel to develop forms providing more complex interactions. Business personnel can use Yida to customize processes through configurations. As a result, business processes can be modified without investing large amounts of time and development resources.

Why Us?

  1. Our Industry Digital Plan is suitable for all SME companies.
  2. Our Industry Digital Plan training is claimable under HRDC.
  3. The app is totally free and downable in Android, IOS, Mac and Windows.

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