Power BI

Find insights within an organization’s data.


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Data Analysis using Power BI

Instances of Power BI Functions

βœ” Key Influencers

  • build-in AI visual
  • help to identify the factors driving the KPI
  •  analyze hidden patterns in the data
Key influencers visualizations tutorial - Power BI | Microsoft Docs
Example : – Key influencers

βœ” Create a decomposition tree

  • visualize data across multiple dimensions
  • automatically aggregate your data based on the dimensions
Completed decomposition tree.
Example : – decomposition tree

βœ” Distribution Change in Bar Chart

  • an additional feature available in the Bar Chart visual
  • analyze and find how each category affects distribution
Use insights to find where distribution is different - Power BI | Microsoft  Docs
Example : – distribution change

Features In Power BI

What is Microsoft Power BI? - Definition from WhatIs.com
Customize dashboard

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